Rail Passes and Train Tickets

Amcan Travel is your one-stop connection for complete rail and train travel services.

We provide several packages to suit every need:

Euro Rail Pass:
We have Rail passes including Select Pass, Select Pass Saver, Youth Pass, Flexi Pass, Euro Pass and various country passes.
We can book point-to-point trains including Euro Star, and Thalys.
Overnight trains offer Couchette and Sleeper accommodations.
You can book your own Railpass on line.
Remember, you need to purchase your pass before you reach Europe.
Japan Rail Pass:
We offer first class and regular class for 7 days, 14 days, and 21 days.
These passes are only offered to Japan Visitors and must be obtained outside Japan. Fill out the form so we can send your pass to you within 48 hours.

China domestic trains:
We offer point-to-point train travel within China.
Tickets will be provided at the city of origin.
Ticket delivery to your local hotel is available.
          Email your request and we will get back to you

US Amtrak and Canadian Rail:
We can reserve and issue tickets if we receive your request, or
If you have made reservations with Amtrak or Canadian Rail, we can pick up their confirmation number and issue you the tickets.

For more information or details about train travel, contact Barbara Ye Robinson at our Seattle office.