Xun (Ancient Egg-Shaped Flute)

Special - available only from Amcan Imports

Amcan Imports is proud to offer this hand-crafted professional quality Chinese Xun.

The origin of the xun may date back 7,000 years, when it was probably used to imitate the sounds of animals. Later, holes were added to this musical instrument so that it could be used to play melodies. The Chinese xun was made with pure red or yellow clay. Never played in the imperial court, the xun was a popular folk instrument in ordinary people's lives, but disappeared approximately 2000 years ago.

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The xun was a popular folk music instrument in ancient China, but fell out of use after the Tang Dynasty and was forgotten for two thousand years. When several instruments were discovered near the tomb of Emporer Qin and his army of Terra Cotta Warriors, interest in the Chinese clay flute began to grow. This professional grade instrument is the best-made instrument of its type available in China. Handcrafted by one of the best Chinese traditional instrument makers in Hangzhou, xun is once again introduced to us.


  • Beautiful high-gloss terra cotta finish
  • Stylized dragon etching
  • Other-worldly tone quality, good intonation
  • Plays well in pitch (available in western keys of E or F)
  • Lovely gift box included
  • Price: $95 USD plus shipping

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Sound file demo... CLICK HERE to download a sound-file demonstration of this flute (file about a half megabyte, playing time one minute).