Violet Bamboo Dizi (Chinese Transverse Flute)

Special - available only from Amcan Imports

Amcan Imports is proud to offer these hand-crafted student quality Chinese cross-blown flutes.

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These beautiful student grade Chinese transverse flutes are handcrafted from choice select violet bamboo by the best traditional flute master in Beijing, exclusively for Xinghai music company.

Top quality purple bamboo, cured in the extremely dry Beijing climate, produces flutes that are exceptionally resistant to cracking. The best-known Chinese traditional and classical musicians use these flutes.

Each bamboo flute is unique, with it's own size, bore, length, wood color, finish, tone quality, and feel. Here, choice violet bamboo has been polished but not lacquered or wrapped, so the natural purple wood grain shines through. The flute has a fantastic bright clear tone, and rock-solid intonation. They all play consistently in pitch at room temperature across two and a half octaves. We have them available in several keys.

A thin rice-paper membrane covers the second hole in the head-joint. The membrane helps the player produce an amazing dynamic range, from quiet as a whisper to a sonic blast, and contributes the slight warbling tone characteristic of the dizi in Chinese folk music. The flute is very easy to play and a lot of fun. A supply of rice-paper membrane is included, with instructions on how to afix it with garlic juice. We also provide a fingering chart so you won't have to fumble around to find the higher notes.