Professional-Quality Sheng (Chinese mouth organ)

Limited availability, only from Amcan Imports

Amcan Imports is proud to offer this brand new, hand-crafted, professional quality Chinese wind-pipe or mouth organ. This classic-style 17-hole Sheng is perfect for playing melody, harmony or polyphony. It does it all! Fully inspected and tested, it is a wonderful instrument and very fun to play.

This beautiful professional grade musical instrument was handcrafted by the best northern Chinese musical instrument crafstmen, exclusively for Xinghai music company in Beijing.


  • Seventeen pipes crafted from the finest select violet bamboo, specially dried and cured in the super-dry Beijing climate
  • Precision cut toneholes and sound notches
  • Stainless steel resonator
  • Copper and brass fittings
  • Comes complete with sturdy, handsome felt-lined carrying case
  • Fingering chart included
  • Easy to blow, fun to play!
  • Distinctive tone quality, even across the range

Instrument stands 23 inches tall. Plays well in tune in the key of D major (range a to c'' sharp). Note this is a professional musician's quality instrument, not an antique or knick-knack, not just for decoration.

Click HERE for a sound file sample demonstration of this great instrument.