Collector's Leafy Bamboo Dizi (Chinese Transverse Flute)

Custom - available only from Amcan Imports

Amcan Imports is proud to offer this hand-crafted professional quality Chinese cross-blown flute.

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This beautiful professional grade Chinese transverse flute was handcrafted from choice select leafy bamboo by Master M.Z. Ying, one of the most skilled and recognized traditional flute masters in China.


  • Finest select leafy bamboo, extremely rare, high-quality special flute bamboo
  • Pitched in the Western key of B flat
  • Complex, open tone quality, less piercing than typical Qu Di (in D or C)
  • Double-walled tuning joint
  • Polished horn end caps
  • Comes in soft velvet carry bag
  • Tang dynasty poem engraved in head joint
  • Maker's mark/signature engraved in foot

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Click here to hear a sound sample (mp3) of this beautiful flute being played.