Fang Tang Chi Ba

Special - available only from Amcan Imports

Amcan Imports is proud to offer this Tang Dynasty-style flute. The end-blown chiba (meaning one point eight feet in Chinese) is the common ancestor of both the more modern Chinese xiao and the Japanese shakuhachi (one point eight in Japanese). The chiba was popular in China's Han dynasty, 2000 years ago. It became a court instrument during Sui Dynasty (581 AD) and saw its peak in the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). Japanese students came to Tang Dynasty China to learn about culture. They took the chiba back to Japan and spread it as a superior intellectual enhancement tool. In China, the end-blown flute evolved into a longer and more slender instrument called the xiao, with more finger holes and an easier blowing arrangement.

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This brand new Fang Tang Chi Ba was custom made by one of the most creative and skilled flute makers in China. The instrument features a beautiful Shakuhachi mouthpiece inlay, a body of purple bamboo, horn end-cap, and complete laquer detail inside.


  • Hand-crafted in Master Ying's workshop
  • Finest select violet bamboo
  • Horn end cap
  • Red lacquered bore
  • Embossed with craftsman signature
  • Price: $350 USD plus shipping

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Sound file demo... CLICK HERE to download a sound-file demonstration of this flute (file about a half megabyte, playing time one minute).